Township of Union Public Schools

Administration Office

Administration Office

Township of union public schools 
Superintendent of Schools:  Dr. Scott Taylor
Assistant Superintendent: Gerry Benaquista,
Business Administrator/Board Secretary:  Yolanda Koon,
Director of Special Projects: Data and Reporting: Ann Hart

Director of Special Services: Kim Conti
Director of Athletics, Physical Education and NursesLinda Ionta
Director of Instruction and Funded Programs: Maureen Guilfoyle
Director of Information Technology: Sandra Paul
Director of Instructional Technology: Craig Wojcik
Director of Early Childhood Education: Lauren Walker
District Security: William Spekhardt
Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds:  Barry Loessel
Supervisor of Transportation: Gail Calderone
Department Supervisors

Department Supervisors

Nicole Ahern School Counseling: K - 12
Special Services: PreK - 5  908-851-4424
Joseph Seugling Special Services: 6 - 12
English & Social Studies: K - 4, ESL
Mathematics: 5-12
Robert Ghiretti
Social Studies: 5 - 12, Business 9-12
Science: 5 - 12, Career Education 9 - 12
Theresa Matthews 
Math & Science: K - 4, World Languages
Randi Moran    English Language Arts: 5-12 908-851-6558
Ron Rago Visual and Performing Arts: K - 12 908-851-4415