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Food Allergy Policy
1. Aramark is committed to providing a safe and pleasant dining experience. We rely on the ingredient listings of our food manufacturers and processors, and the reliability of our manufacturers and processors is a key component of Aramark’s overall approach to food quality and safety, including dealing with allergens. However, we are not allergy experts and therefore cannot give medical advice regarding food-related allergies.

2. Please refer all questions relating to the ingredients or content of any food to the manager on duty. Remember, in responding to such questions we must be as accurate and complete as we can. Do not guess at the content of any food. If we do not know what the ingredients are in a certain food item, then we need to so inform the inquiring person.

3. Because we must rely on food manufacturers’ and processors’ ingredient listings, we may not be aware of ingredients which are actually in the food but not listed on the container or packaging.

4. If a person identifies a severe allergy and there is any question about the ingredients of a food item, do not sell or serve that food item and instead encourage the person to select an alternative item not containing the allergen(s), if alternatives are available.

5. If any person displays a reaction which may indicate a food allergy, CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY, or, where required by client policy, alert the client’s emergency services, security or health department, as appropriate.

6. Remember that we are not medically trained or otherwise qualified to provide allergy counseling. If a client provides information about a person’s allergies or requests that our personnel meet with that person to address potential allergy problems, we will provide basic food content information to enable the person to make his or her determination about what to eat or not eat based on the food content information we provide and any alternatives we suggest. However, we must advise the client and any person identifying an allergy concern that the ultimate responsibility for a person’s safety rests with that person.

7. If you have any questions at any time about this policy contact your Safety and Risk Control Manager.

8. All locations MUST post in the kitchen, this policy and the “Food Allergies, what you need to know” Poster. Also available at: Allergies what you need to know.
(Locations without a kitchen must post in a common area that is not customer-facing).