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Township of Union Public Schools

Referral for Special Education Services and Related Services: 

A parent or guardian of a child in the district may request a referral to the
Child Study Team
by contacting the building principal or by
writing to the Director of Special Services:

Kim Conti
Department of Special Services
1231 Burnet Avenue
Union, NJ 07083
Procedures for Referral
***April is Autism Awareness month***
We are encouraging the Township of Union Public School community to help raise awareness. The district will be observing World Autism Awareness Day on Monday, April 2, 2018. We are encouraging all staff and students to show support by wearing blue on this day.

Plan & Prepare

Register Ready – New Jersey Special Needs Registry for Disasters

Register Ready

"Register Ready" is a free, voluntary and confidential web-based program designed to identify the needs of people who may find it difficult to get to safety in the event of an emergency.

People with access and functional needs (or caregivers on their behalf) are encouraged to register electronically, if possible, by accessing Alternatively, they can call New Jersey’s toll-free 2-1-1 telephone service. This service will register people, offer free translation, and provide TTY services for the hearing-impaired.

Emergency management officials view special needs registries from varying perspectives, ranging from concerns about the need for consumer expectations management to an increased sense of confidence about being able to track individuals in their communities who require specific assistance during adverse conditions. Registries can also become a focal point for building a dialogue about emergency preparedness with individuals who have access and functional needs or establishing a rapport with stakeholder groups who work with at-risk populations.

Registries are a great tool to help emergency management officials enhance services to community members, but they are not the only tool. Planning, emphasis on personal preparedness, and the engagement of stakeholder groups who work with functional needs populations are also essential tasks aimed at building a program which serves vulnerable populations.

Register Ready Brochure
"Safety Starts with Me" Brochure
Register Ready Spanish Brochure
"Safety Starts with Me" Spanish Brochure

Disaster Case Management

The right of access, inclusion and integration of individuals with functional needs into federal, state and local emergency management programs and services is protected under a variety of U.S. Civil Rights Laws. See the link below for references and citations:


Union to Provide ID cards for Persons with Special Needs

Township of Union - The Township of Union would like to announce that the Union Police Department will now be providing identification cards for special needs children and adults.


“We are truly vested in the wellbeing of each and every resident of the Township of Union,” said Mayor Manuel Figueiredo. “It gives me a great sense of pride to know that, together with the parents of our special needs children, we came up with something so important and meaningful.”


The ID’s are easily obtained by filling out a form on either the Township of Union’s website, or via the Township of Union mobile app- where, from your smartphone you can, not only fill out the form but upload a photo of your child right from your camera roll.


This program not only provides an easily accessible identification card that will contain personal data and safety information, but it will also aid first responders in their efforts to provide the best quality of service to our special needs community.


“The Union Police Department shares a great concern for the safety of our residents,” said Police Director Daniel Zieser. “Having all pertinent and vital information in the face of an emergency makes all the difference when it comes to saving lives.”


For additional information on the ID Card program, please contact Sgt. Michael Boll, Community Relations, Union Police Department at 908-851-5000 or via email at

For more information: