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Township of Union Public Schools

UHS Business Department Mission Statement:

UHS Business Department Mission Statement: iconUHS Business Department Mission Statement:title

The purpose of Business Education at Union High School is to promote within our students, business values and skills, knowledge of technology unique to the business world, quality work ethic, the aptitudes required for initial employment and advancement consistent with today's business requirements, and the demands expected for the future.


Here at Union High School we strive to prepare or students for the “real-world” of business.  Whether our students choose the avenues to pursue an education through a college, vocational school, or transition directly into the workforce, we aim to provide them with the skills necessary to succeed at all levels.


Some of the skills we instill in our students are listed as follows:

    •       Fundamental Literacies—Communication, Computation, and Comprehension

    •       Ethical Behavior

    •       Work-entry Skills

    •       Problem Solving

    •       Motivation/Disposition to Learn

    •       Creative Thinking and Expression

    •       Higher-order Thinking Skills

    •       Citizenship, Social, Democratic Knowledge, Values, and Skills

    •       Lifelong Learning


With the ability to learn and demonstrate these skills, we at Union High School are confident that our students will be well prepared for a successful transition to life after high school and beyond.