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Township of Union Public Schools

  • Allied Health I
  • Allied Health II
  • Cosmetology I
  • Cosmetology II
  • Human Life Cycle (Semester Class)
  • Intro to Television Production (Semester Class)
  • Television Production II
  • Telecast
  • Advanced Telecast
  • Clothing I
  • Clothing II
  • Clothing III
  • Clothing IV
  • Graphic Design/Commercial Art I
  • Graphic Design/Commercial Art II
  • Graphic Design/Commercial Art III
  • Graphic Design/Commercial Art IV
  • Woodworking I
  • Woodworking II
  • Woodworking III
  • Woodworking IV (Carpentry & Construction)
  • Technology Education I
  • Technology Education II
  • CAD I - Drafting and Design
  • CAD II - Drafting and Design
  • CAD III - Drafting and Design
  • CAD IV - Drafting and Design
  • Cooperative Marketing Education

 Union High School
Donna Santora
Union High School
Chris Capodice
Union High School
Dan Eberenz
 Union High School
Susan Eckman
Union High School
Karen Gainey
Union High School
Ed Gallo
Union High School
Steve March
 Union High School
Edwin Oyola
Union High School
Jean Salvatore
Union High School
Ndidi Uduh