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Township of Union Public Schools

Plagiarism is the act of presenting another author’s ideas or work as one’s own. It is a serious form of academic dishonesty, for which most academic institutions will dismiss students. Additionally, it indicates that the student has not adequately processed the information/content they were expected to learn. Students at all grade levels (6-12) will be required to provide appropriate documentation of their sources in the form of a works cited list, proper use of quotation marks, and in-text citations in accordance with departmental regulations for every research project in all subject areas.

You have plagiarized if:

  • You used the exact word or phrases used in the source without quotation marks and a citation for the author and location of the quotation (page or paragraph).
  • You used an important idea – even if you changed a few words – without a citation for the author and location of the idea (page or paragraph).
  • You stated a fact that is not generally known by most people, without a citation for the author and location of the information (page or paragraph).
  • You cite the wrong sources.
  • You turned in a purchased or free online paper, or paper that another student wrote.
  • You used an online translation site for a world language writing assignment.
  • You listed a source in your works cited page, but no information from that source is used in your essay.
  • You cited a source in your essay, but did not list in your works cited page.
Grades 6 – 12, All Subjects, Plagiarism Policy
When the teacher or administrator has determined that plagiarism has occurred, they will discuss the incident with the student and review the school policy. The student will receive a zero for the plagiarized assignment, and the teacher or administrator will contact the student’s parent or guardian. Students with repeated plagiarism violations will face additional disciplinary action at the department supervisor’s and building administrator’s discretion.