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Township of Union Public Schools

 ​The UHS English Department is proud to offer a new course for students looking to meet Grade 12 English graduation requirements:



Prerequisites Apply

The Senior Topics program allows students to take a pre-selected pairing of semester courses in lieu of the traditional full year Senior English course.  Each of the pre-selected pairings is literature-based with writing components, but focus on a particular kind of literature, genre, or author.  This program allows students to participate in college-style literary studies in concepts and topics that break away from the traditional study of British Literature.  This is not an Honors level course. 


EN411 Senior English Topics A

Horror Literature In this course, students will examine the gothic and horror genre of literature throughout time as well as analyze why the character of the vampire has withstood the test of time. Students will investigate why this type of character as well as the horror genre became and remain so popular. Horror Literature requires students to read a variety of short stories, poems, and novels from various time periods that focus on the character of the vampire. All students will practice writing and presentation skills through MLA-style literary analysis essays. 

Adapting Film from Literature In this course, students will analyze the journey of a literary text to its film adaptation. Student will analyze, research, and demonstrate understanding of the origin of a narrative in comparison and contrast to its ultimate film product. Students will be exposed to various authors’ dramas/screenplays, short stories/novellas, and novels, as well as their film counterparts.  Students will practice writing and research skills through the creation of MLA-style literary analysis essays for each narrative, as well as learn the fundamentals of screenplay writing and storyboarding for film. Please note: this course is a literature-based course with a reading and writing focus.

- Students must have successfully completed English courses in grades 9, 10, and 11
- Students must earn a final grade of C+ (77.0%) or higher in EN360 AP Junior English OR EN300 Honors Junior English OR EN301 Junior English
- Students must have met NJ Department of Education Graduation Testing Requirements by the end of their Junior year
- Students must complete and return a Parent Approval Form