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Township of Union Public Schools

UHSPAC's Production of Sophisticated Ladies (Spring 2015)

UHSPAC's Production of Sophisticated Ladies (Spring 2015)

UHSPAC's Production of Union Goes to Hollywood (Fall 2015)

UHSPAC's Production of 42nd Street (Spring 2009)

UHSPAC's Production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Spring 2010)

UHSPAC's Production of Cats (Spring 2013)

UHSPAC's Production of Miss Saigon (Spring 2014)

UHS Marching Band Wins National Championship!

2014-2015 UHS Marching Band at Nationals

UHS Marching Band Recieves Awards

UHS Marching Band National Champs!

Fall Show 2016

Fall Show 2016 iconFall Show 2016title

Footloose: The Musical

Supervisor of Visual and Performing Arts

Supervisor of Visual and Performing Arts iconSupervisor of Visual and Performing Artstitle

Ron Rago
Office: 908-851-4415
Arts Vision Statement

Arts Vision Statement iconArts Vision Statementtitle

The arts are a critical and essential part of the education of every young person in America, and every American should have high-quality opportunities to be educated in all of the arts. Such an education should occur both in and out of classroom settings as part of an ongoing learning process for all individuals, including those with special talents or needs.

A comprehensive arts education draws upon the expertise of both arts specialists and classroom teachers, and upon the experiences and resources of professional artists and community cultural resources. Only by utilizing all of these resources can individuals achieve the full educational potential of the arts.  

Arts Mission Statement

Arts Mission Statement iconArts Mission Statementtitle

The Township of Union Department of Visual and Performing Arts is committed to increasing opportunities for all students K-12 to participate in and understand the arts.

We all share the common belief that the arts are one of humanity's most eloquent means of understanding the world. Through the arts, we share the highest achievements of every culture and find a universal language which permits communication among all peoples. As such, the arts are an essential component of a complete education.

Through the years, studies have discovered that the inclusion of the performing arts in a broad-based curriculum improves the quality of a child's educational experience. The arts teach discipline, improve self-esteem, inspire creativity, and help young people to set and reach goals. Knowledge of the arts makes our district a challenging place where our children are encouraged to explore, to create, and to reach their full potential.