Township of Union Public Schools

General Information

General Informationtitle


Please complete the registration forms online.  

click here to register online


Hard (paper) copies of the registration packets can be picked up at your local school or from the Administration Building located at 2369 Morris Avenue, Union. 

Any questions or concerns please call Mrs. Hubbard at 908-851-6403.

All completed forms and documentation can be returned to Mrs. Hubbard at the Administration Office Monday–Thursday from 9:00 am –12:00 pm. The office is closed for administrative work on Fridays.


Only parents or legal guardians can return registration forms and documentation. To expedite your registration process, please ensure that all forms are completely filled out, signed, and proper documentation is provided.  Please have all current proofs of address with you at this time along with original birth certificates, and immunization records. 

If you have special circumstances such as residing with someone or custody issues please call Mrs. Hubbard at 908-851-6403 before registering.


NOTE: For all residents living in the Vauxhall area; school assignments will be determined based upon enrollment.

Street Listings

Street Listingstitle

To identify the school you would attend based on street address

If you are a Guardian or Custodial Parent,
please contact (908) 851-6403
to get appropriate paperwork to file!

Required Documentation Check List

Required Documentation Check Listtitle




  • Transfer card from prior school with NJ Smart ID#’s
  • Medical records and immunizations
  • Last report card
  • Copy of most current standardized testing
  • Original birth certificate
  • Proof of custody - if applicable        
  • Legal custody documentation in the event of a  divorce or separation
  • Effective this year we will require all parents/guardians to have a photo ID in order to complete the registration process.


You are also required to fill out:

                                    Residency Verification Form

                                    Student Master File

                                    Registration Form

                                    Universal Child Health Record

                                    District’s Residency Check


Mandatory Proof of residency is required:  copy of lease or deed and (4) other items with name and address (must be current)



Current utility bills with name and address, homeowner’s policy, pay stub w/ name & address, bank statement, car insurance policy, credit card bills.


All must reflect name and address


Required Medical Forms

Required Medical Formstitle

Medical forms must be included with registration packet

Medical for Elementary
(grades K-5)

Medical for Secondary
(grade 6-12)
(PDF Format)
Additional Registration Forms

Additional Registration Formstitle

 From Previous School
Landlord Verification

If you are a Guardian or Custodial Parent,

please contact (908) 851-6403 for appropriate paperwork to file!

Busing / Transportation Information

Busing / Transportation Informationtitle

Transportation shall be provided for all children in PreK thru grade 8 if they live over 2 miles and in grades 9 thru 12 you must reside over 2.5 miles. Any further questions, please call transportation at 908-851-6447.