Township of Union Public Schools

Counselor Contact Information
Nicole Ahern, Supervisor of Counseling K-12
Anti-Bullying Specialists

Name School Email Phone
T. Colandrea
BMS     908-851-4696
F. DeCorte
JES    908-851-4413
E. Jackson
FES    908-851-4699
K. Marano
WES    908-851-4432
J. Parkhurst,  CFES    908-851-4429
M. Roberts
LES    908-851-6786
I. Soares
BHES    908-851-6390
J. Tramuta, HCES    908-851-4418
M. Wenz
KMS    908-851-6794
L. Williams
UHS    908-851-6883

J. Hall* as needed