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Summer Reading Challenge

Township of Union Public Schools

2016 Summer Reading Challenge


Dear Students and Parents,

          As we get closer to our summer vacation, one of the things you might want to consider is to set a summer reading goal.  Yes!! READ!!  Welcome to the Annual Township of Union Public Schools’ Summer Reading Challenge!

          Research on reading shows that if you don’t keep reading over the summer, your reading level may drop when you return to school in September! However, if you keep “exercising” your “reading muscles” throughout the summer, you will develop “reading stamina”, and you will more than likely continue to get smarter.  I am challenging each and every student to read at least four books over the summer.

After you finish reading a book, log it on the chart and don’t forget to have a parent or another guardian sign next to the date that you finished reading.  Show your teacher the completed chart when we return to school in September. All summer reading challenge logs will be collected beginning the first day of school.  The last day you may submit them is Friday, September 9thEach student who reads a minimum of four books will receive a certificate from their teacher.

          Attached to this letter you will also find a suggested list of books to read over the summer. Please note the different lists for each grade level. These lists will also be posted on the district web site. 

Thank you so much for participating in the Summer Reading Challenge! I wish you a relaxing and fun-filled summer vacation, and I look forward to seeing you in September!


Happy Reading,


Robert Ghiretti

Supervisor of Language Arts/Social Studies


Please Note: In addition to the voluntary Summer Reading Challenge, students entering grades 3, 4, & 5 also have mandatory summer reading which involves reading a book and completing an activity pertaining to that book.  Students entering grade 6 must read Esperanza Rising and take a test about this book on September 13th.