Township of Union Public Schools

Administration Office

Administration Office

Superintendent of Schools
Dr. Scott Taylor
Assistant Superintendent for Personnel and Operations
Gerry Benaquista
Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment, and Funded Programs
Dr. Gretel Perez
Business Administrator/Board Secretary  
Yolanda Koon
Director of Special Projects: Data and Reporting
Ann Hart

Director of Personnel
Vincent Rettino
Director of Special Services 
Kim Conti
Director of Athletics, Physical Education and Nurses
Linda Ionta
Director of Instruction and Funded Programs
Maureen Guilfoyle
Director of Information Technology
Sandra Paul
Director of Instructional Technology
Craig Wojcik
Director of Early Childhood Education
Lauren Walker
Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment for STEM
Dr. Jeremy Cohen
Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment for Humanities
Randi Hutchinson
Supervisor of English Language Arts and ESL K-12
Maureen Corbett
Supervisor of Science and World Languages K-12
Terri Matthews
Supervisor of Math, Computer Science and Gifted/Talented K-12
William Eichert
Supervisor of Social Studies and Business K-12
Bob Ghiretti
Supervisor of Visual, Performing and Technical Arts K-12
Ron Rago
Supervisor of Counseling and SAC K-12
Nicole Ahern
Supervisor of Special Education K-12
Chris Carew
Supervisor of Special Education K-12
Joe Seugling
Manager of Security:  William Spekhardt
Manager of Buildings and Grounds: Barry Loessel
Manager of Transportation: Gail Calderone